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If you are familiar with Zero Inbox Zen, then probably you will find this service useful.

This service can draw two charts for you: number of emails in your inbox dynamic on time and number of mail-hours dynamic on time.

What is mail-hours? Mail-hours represent the total time your emails have spent in your inbox. It's a way to see how quickly you're managing your email.

To start enjoying our visualization services, please consider connecting a Gmail account.

Our system only requires metadata from your emails, specifically, datetime stamps from every email in your INBOX folder. Rest assured, we don't access the content of your emails.

If you're unsure to link your primary Gmail account initially, feel free to test the service with a secondary Gmail account. Alternatively, you can view a sample chart based on data from my own INBOX.

Ready to get started? Authorize access to your Gmail account here.

We're excited to help you achieve Inbox Zero and make email management a breeze!